The Covid-19 crisis has shone a light on the structural problems that exist within society and the political system in Wales. The work of rebuilding that will take place over the coming weeks, months and years will require us to be innovative, bold and far-reaching so that the nation that emerges from this crisis is more sustainable, equitable and fair.

Plaid Cymru has already proposed a host of ideas, including a plan to reboot the economy, but we want to hear directly from you about what changes you think need to happen. If you have any ideas, however big or small, this is your chance to make your voice heard and be part of our plans to build a new nation.

We welcome any and all contributions, no matter if it’s a very specific proposal you have to put forward, a comprehensive plan, or whether you simply want to let us know of a problem that requires fixing.

You are welcome to write your ideas in the form below, or if you wish to send something lengthier such as a document, please email Plaid Cymru’s Post-Covid Coordinator: [email protected].

We cannot promise to adopt every proposal, but we do commit to considering every suggestion, so send us your ideas!

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  • We need to implement a Universal Basic Income

    As we face a long period of economic uncertainty due to the impact of Covid-19 - with many businesses failing and mass unemployment looming - we need to restructure our economy to be fairer for all and resilient against future upheavals (such as the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Mass Automation). One aspect of this would be to implement a Universal Basic Income, a policy that has been tested across the globe and proven to improve well-being, job prospects and financial security. It could replace the majority of existing welfare structures, which are costly and punitive, and can be funded via progressive taxes (e.g. that target the super-wealthy and giant corporations).

  • Less emphasis on tourism

    Lessen the amount of investment a sector that’s only open for 1/3 of the year. Instead a portion of that investment could be used to develop areas and create a large amount of permanent jobs. This would prove itself more beneficial toward Wales as a whole, not just a tiny area that’s a tourist trap. Towns like Rhyl have been ruined by the decline of tourism in the area. Therefore we must ensure there alternative methods of employment and income for Wales.

  • End saturation tourism

    Close off all tourism for 2 to 3 months a year.Close all national parks for 1 to 2 months.Provide fines and tow away excessive parking like in Snowdonia an the Beacons.Prior booking to all of the official parking facilities.Set up park and ride for excess visitors.

  • We need the economic tools for our independent nation.

    A new independent Wales WILL need a central bank and to issue our own independent currency. We will also need a way for Wales grown industries and businesses to raise revenue - we will need our own stock exchange. A Welsh stock exchange must give access to the people of Wales in invest in their industries that they choose without having to seek English or other outside investor. This will also give Welsh people the security of a diverse source of income rather than just from your main employment. This stock exchange can also trade London, EU and overseas shares.

  • Reducing the effects of a pandemic or similar crisis on poverty

    Adopting a tax-free universal basic income could ensure that all citizens of all ages would have an ongoing financial support throughout their lives. This amount would have to be sufficient to cover basic costs and would not be means tested. Although expensive to any government, it would simplify the concept of supporting the vulnerable by de-stigmatising the role of the state in such matters. It would encourage poorer people to take on further education opportunities, mitigate against unemployment and long term health issues and remove the current conditionality imposed upon the unemployed poor and working poor. It would also encourage those entrepreneurs who do not have the luxury of being members of a super-rich family. I believe that this kind of intervention could help society move towards a more level status and restore trust in what looks and feels like a two tier country at present.

  • Senedd Electoral Eligibility

    In the last Senedd elections I was very concerned about politicians from outside Wales, with no proven commitment to or current experience of living in Wales, being foisted onto us through our rather limited PR system. To avoid this happening in future I propose that to qualify as a candidate in future Assembly elections, a candidate must have lived here continuously for the 3 years preceding the date of the election (i.e. they must have been on the Electoral Register in Wales and have their main residential address here continuously for the 3 year period up to the date of the election). This will show to the electorate that the candidates have some current first-hand experience of living in Wales, and that they have a personal stake in Wales and are not standing for election solely to pursue furtherance of their own or their political party’s ambitions.

  • Joined up active and greener travel

    Example: The Conwy Valley line runs from Llandudno to Blaenau Ffestiniog. It operates a basic 3 hourly service daily (5 trains in each direction daily). The line has capacity to at least double the frequency allowing more people to choose the train +/- bicycle, instead of their cars. Along the line there are major, high value tourist attractions, but as the service is so infrequent it doesn't make it a realistic option for many. Having joined up public transport ticketing and timetabling at hubs such as Llanrwst, Betws y Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog into the national park and major attractions such as Zip World would allow people to use multi mode transport options, locals and tourists alike. Attractions such as Adventure Parc Snowdonia (previously Surf Snowdonia is only 1km from the nearest station at Dolgarrog but is only accessible by an old, rough path (former branch line) - turn this into a multi use active travel route and you link the line up with a major attraction allowing for greener and more sustainable travel for locals living in Dolgarrog and visitors to the 'A.P.S' site. The trains only run between Llandudno and Blaenau Ffestiniog meaning you have to change for either West or Southbound services or services into England. Why not have occassional direct services from Blaenau Ffestiniog to/from Holhyead Port and Manchester Airport to allow for more green travel in the national park, with E bike or E car rental options at stations such as Llanrwst, Betws y Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog. A completed active travel route between Llanrwst and Betws y Coed would allow both to benefit from tourism along with allowing locals to make healthier and safer bicycle journey to work and for leisure with the ability to choose the train then if the weather is poor etc. This is just an example of one valley in the north but similar joined up transport options are needed to realise a healthier and greener country.

  • Equality Counts

    Why not help monoglot Plaid members not to feel second class Welsh people by sending two eMails, one in Welsh and one in English, rather than the "never mind you poor soul, scroll down for English". I am very Welsh even though I don't speak the language.

  • Conference Motions

    At Swansea there were about 20 motions raised, many of them by grassroots members, with the aim of having a say in the strategic direction of Plaid Cymru. How about actually showing some respect for the members, who mostly unpaid, took a lot of time to prepare these motions by actually publishing them, updating membership about progress against them. You are asking us for ideas when you have not given feedback, or respect, to the ideas that the membership have already formulated. I am passionate about Plaid Cymru and an independent Wales but if you cannot run a party efficiently then how are you going to runa country.

  • Mam Cymru

    I agree re taking some of the focus away from tourism.... living on Anglesey as I do I keep thinking of its old title Mam vision would be setting farming standards across Wales so that there is less run off into our seas of toxic chemicals creating anoxic areas with no life (fish or anything else except jellies); funding organic ventures in livestock and arable- no organic farming on Anglesey that I’ve found....The land and soil here are some of the best. Let’s make Wales Mam UK !

  • Essential workers

    The pandemic has highlighted how much we rely on our essential workers from nurses, to shop workers, street cleaners and police; and I would also like to add those working within the domestic abuse should also be categorised as essential workers and all should receive a minimum wage of £25,000

  • Replace a Tourism with year round industry

    Tourism is our cash cow atm. It is destroying our rural communities increasing a demand for housing and blocking other industries. We could encourage excursionists or travel within Wales but having discounts for people within wales by post code to take holidays at home reducing road traffic, fights and chasing a market that saves on carbon emissions. We should grow hemp to make hemp products as it’s an extremely versatile and sustainable plant that could give us a clothing production line, construction materials, and other fibre products such as egg cartons.

  • The green economy

    Wales is a world leader in environmental legislation, and since lockdown it has been nature and our natural spaces around us that have kept people going, improving mental health, offering hobbies, and keeping us fit. Now more than ever, it's critical to do everything we can to change the fate of the world through reducing carbon emissions, rewilding areas, connecting wild areas together, and acting to show the world that natures future doesn't have to be set in stone. Therefore, i fully believe that with the publics attitude being so much more seated to our natural arwas, that we open Wales back up from Ovid through green methods. Our economy is driven so much by our tourism industry, and we in west Wales have suffered and will continue suffering if our economy isn't diversified to include more industry than just tourism, farming and a fishing. My suggestions therefore include: 1. Increasing investment into green energy where appropriate to diversify coastal economies, including traineeships and employment opportunities being favoured for local people. Upskill local youth to take in high end professional jobs, and work to highlight successes globally. 2. Subsidise farming not based on yield but through what percentage of their land is set aside for wildlife. Subsidise practices that benefit nature and introduce levies on practices which are damaging to nature. Be proactive in our way of thinking around food production, and promote the use of local products going into local stores. 3. Work with all sectors to realise environmental measures, but put particular focus on the private sector, attracting industry with a track record of being green, but also produce guidance on how existing business can work to benefit wildlife and diversify their practices to improve our economy. I've plenty more ideas but I'll leave that there for now! Mae'n pwysig i fi i ail-agor ein economi trwy feddwl amdano natur, ac yn gynnwys y ffaith dan ni'n gallu newid ein dyfodol rwan. Gynnon ni y cyfle prin i greu newidiadau enfawr, a dan ni angen dim ond rhywyn i ddod o hyd y hyder i arwain y ffordd. Diolch, Andy

  • Utilising the brains and experience of all.

    I think that there are some brilliant ideas from my fellow supporters and the enthusiasm that comes over in the comments here is self evident. It would be wonderful to be part of a collection of inspired minds and put together real innovative policies and concepts. A Wales that is independent of England is more feasible now than ever. We can rid ourselves of income tax and put in place progressive tax systems that works for the C21st. Initiate true reform to the democratic process. Have world beating education that encourages individuals to success and not just to get through exams that churn out browbeaten young adults who've learned nothing more than how to conform with a Victorian England idea of how the masses should behave. Wales could become an open and outward looking nation that makes itself known within the rest of Europe and the world. I call on the leaders of our party to utilise those of us who have spent a lifetime of living, working and experiencing the rest of the world. Call for us to return to Wales. Together we may sculpt a vision and practical plans that will bring all of Wales to the mission of an independent nation, and make the rest of the Union say, 'Oh, I wish our nation was that exciting and progressive'.

  • Betsi Cadwaldr

    A clear action plan to get BCUHB out of special measures , and accelerate the process whereby North and Mid Wales does not have to rely on NHS england for specialist referrals esp now in this new covid 19 era.

  • We need a concrete roadplan towards Independence.

    One of the biggest roadblocks to an independent Wales is how unknown the process will be. We need to have a fully fleshed out guide with an economic plan that we can show to the indy-curious and the indy-skeptics in our nation. With 25% (and growing) of our population already on board with independence, it is time that we answer the big questions. There is also a desperate need for Plaid Cymru representatives to get out there more - to egage the public in discussion on the streets and in their homes, as well as to get on TV more to argue our case. It is frustrating that our nation has to rely on English media outlets, but until Wales gets it's own powers over broadcasting, we need to have more interviews on those English outlets, so that the people of Wales at large can hear our message.

  • Integrated PV & charging

    We need more solar pv to harness renewable enegry around wales. Making use of public sector roofs/ carpark/spaces & linking them to ev chargepoints. We need to put the infrastructure in place (& properly = green) to make sure those who can buy evs have no barriers. Public bodies need to lead the way. They own so much land/properties all over Wales. It could make a real difference & link to fuel poverty, greening the grid, getting people aware of local energy generation & ready for a Wales energy/utility offering (and eventually regulation).

  • Graduate Retention Scheme + Innovation Fund

    More graduates leave Wales than stay, and a high percentage of those who do stay are in non-graduate jobs. Retain graduates by paying them to live and work in Wales; create jobs by backing innovative businesses and start-ups.

  • The Valleys Regional Park

    This should have happen yesterday, as it could be used as an employment creation tool. When it is set up, it would provide hope for a large section of the so called 'left behind' Welsh population. Within its design, it could encourage local sustainable farming schemes, local sustainable energy units, local industrial tourism and so on. Thus providing good 'sustainable' jobs within an area, where they are desired and much needed.

  • Participatory budgeting - let people decide how money is spent - a route to public luxury

    I want to live in a country where we have public luxury. I want us to have the best public services and facilities. The best schools, the best leisure facilities, the best care system. I do not believe this can happen without higher taxes. While we must protect the least well off, polls show that the majority of higher and middle income earners would support higher taxes, IF, they thought the money was spent 'well'. This is where participatory budgeting comes in. It allows people to directly decide how tax money is spent. Reinvigorating democracy and rebuilding trust in the system, while delivering public luxury.

  • Reduce the amount of children in poverty

    By providing more job opportunities. Which also boost our economy.

  • Reduce the amount of children in poverty

    By providing more job opportunities. Which also boost our economy.

  • Climate Change

    Above everything else, we must have a greener Wales. Not just trees and words, we must listen to the science and do everythinh we can to reverse Wales' carbon footprint. Rethink Morlais on Anglesey! Don't let them destroy 98% of birdlife at South Stack please.

  • Non Service Region

    Can we do more to entice global brands to manufacture in Wales and become an industrial or manufacturing hub for the UK.

  • By-Elections

    If an MS or Councillor wants to switch parties there needs to be a by-election. Its unfair on constituents if they end up with a representative in a party they didn't vote for.

  • Agriculture

    I think we need to totally reconfigure our food production system. It is inefficient. The one thing I would fear for an independent Wales is that we would rely too heavily on imports. This pandemic has shown that reliance on imports to feed a nation's people can be risky. Around 80% of Wales' land is agricultural land. Almost all of it is used for meat production. Yet we import 7 times more meat than we export. Farms are heavily subsidised (this is true for the rest of Europe) and I wonder for what? If other industries cannot survive, they disappear. I don't want this to happen to the farming industry but these subsidies will cost the Welsh tax payer too much money. With a Plaid government in 2021 we need to step ahead of the curve and transform our broken agricultural industry.

  • Capitalise on Favourable poll in England

    Many in Wales are impressed by the poll taken in England that thinks the Devolved Governments are doing much better at handling C19 than Westminster. This positive view anecdotally impresses people of Cymru. PC needs to capitalise on that positive energy. It’s clear that despite their ineptitude that Labour in Cymru have done a better job than Westminster with a far lower R number and fewer transmissions. Despite having their hands tied by the lack of economic powers. If only, it seems to me, Wales had more powers to deal with the other aspects of Coronavirus? It’s success is an argument for independence being vital to us to have the tools to take responsibility. We clearly care more about Cymru than Westminster does. Churchill (afiach) run a very successful campaign to encourage workers to become part of the war effort. It was called ‘give us the tools and we’ll finish the job’ . Why don’t we turn that bellicose marketing gimmick on? Give Wales the tools, & we’ll give you a better Wales. Or something along those lines. Sadly, we need people to take sides now. Cymru or Westminster? We’ve seen so much disgraceful behaviour and corruption in Westminster culminating in Johnson’s pathetic C19 debacle that has cost many lives. Now is the time to brace The people of Wales? Whose side are you on? Richard Jenkins MSc

  • Lockdown

  • More devolved law making powers

    What was made evident (seemingly reluctantly by Llafur) during lockdown is that we can do things better here in Wales when we have the law making powers to do so. Albeit I support the using of our health powers - what was also made apparent was the sheer confusion because of mainstream media repeating Boris’ words where they only applied to England. We might not be able to hold Boris to account, but we should be able to have media that’s colloquially accurate or at least accountable for sharing misinformation (Boris might find England a dirty word, and used UK - but it shouldn’t be accepted that media repeat it with the same sentiments). It’s been a long time coming, but we need devolved law making powers on media or else all the work done up til now is null and void. The high streets are going to die, and the reason we’re opening back up so soon is because of a lack of devolved law making powers in business and infrastructure. If we taxed the companies (not Westminster), we’d have greater incentives and abilities to work with. We need to reshape our social spaces - and I feel we should build recreational facilities (things you can’t physically achieve online) in our town/city centres to help inspire more footfall/tourism. Had we devolved law making powers on Policing - we could have amended the issue of “non sensical travellers” during covid, where it’s a question that why does Manchester (a city) have greater law making powers than our country? I’d like Plaid to push further for Independence and try to start answering the questions of what that might look like aka fleshing our the idea into a plan. We can’t do it without the above - where I feel media is the most important. We need to reconnect as communities, and whilst we’re doing it a fresh - why not open the gates and finally reconnect our country! I’m from Neath and here nothing about what happens up north, west or out east! I’m lucky to hear what happens in Swansea or Cardiff! Let’s break the communication breakdown and rebuild our country with community.

  • The use of Science in post-covid politics.

    Science is such a powerful tool in politics and everywhere else. It's is what fuels innovation, it's what legitimises debate, it's what we use to justify our decisions, but what we have seen during this pandemic is the misuse of Science, using as an excuse rather than to justify. We need to follow and listen science rather than to look and listen. Science deserves more than a glance. Which is why, I believe Wales needs to establish a Science board itself, one which not only helps the Welsh Government with decisions using the wide range of expertise, but also can scrutinise members on evidence presented to encourage the use of scientific logic rather than scapegoat science.

  • Encourage horticultural

    Horticultural could be as important as agriculture when it comes to growing food. Large greenhouses to create an environment for fruit and veg that may not nessecery grow well in our damp climate. E.g tomatoes. It could create jobs as well as reducing food miles which is always good for environmental as well

  • Need a devolved media

  • Focus on fair housing policy

    More & more it seems people are waking up to the carpetbagging VolumeHouse builders taking over housing policy in Cymru. They do not build for local need. Do not purchase locally. Employ few locals. If they do it’s often sub contractors at penurious rates. Too many tales of contractors being squeezed out of full payments at the end of contract. All in all they bring little or nothing to Wales whilst they eat up our building land to make huge profits building Mini mansions for seasoned buyers. Often these buyers are not local but incomers looking for a cheap deal on a chicken cwt size house. So we gain only a poor standard of housing stock. People are picking up on this modern day rape and Plaid should be putting together a plan to introduce legislation that will allow local builders to develop our land for local need. Ready for publication when the Corvid 19 crisis ends. Diolch Richard (Director Federation of Master Builders - RETIRED)

  • Preparedness

    A future Plaid Government will examine all sorts of emergency planning, from procurement to local businesses planning to adapt, whether that be another pandemic or other national emergencies. These plans should in be proposed in tandem with our arguments for increases in powers in our Parliament, particularly with relation to business and the economy.

  • Redeveloping City Centres with a focus on tourism

    I believe the we need to look in new, exciting and innovative ways to redevelop our already struggling high streets after lockdown. We should looks at redeveloping these areas into entertainment and tourism sectors as well as local independent businesses rather than continuing to bail out larger companies who are struggling to compete with online sales. For example, Newport has a massive tourism industry waiting to be unlocked with its castle (thst continues to be ignored by the local council) and other historical sites such as the Newport ship, the Transporter bridge, The Roman Ampithestre a short drive away in Caerleon as well as the Newport Museum. We should be looking into developing this promising tourism industry and also looking at reimagining Friars Walk into an entertainment and service sector area with more restaurants and venues rather than propping up struggling shops such as Debenhams

  • Reset rather than reboot

    Reboot suggests we merely start it back up but my feeling is we need a reset. We have the opportunity in truth for a global reset. With Greta drawing the worlds attention to our global environmental plight prior Covid19 and then lockdown showing us how our natural world responded to it demonstrated how we can indeed make an impact towards reducing our carbon footprint. It was clear that many of us could indeed work from home negating the need for commutes congesting highways and creating polluting traffic fumes. From this evidence we must make it more accessible for people to work remotely and whilst doing that improve access to better broadband but also new technology skills. Many of those working from home were middle class workers with laptops and good quality Internet access. This isn't possible in many areas of Wales or is it as available to certain demographic groups. We need to look at how we can make this style of employment and communication available to everyone and at the same quality for all citizens of Wales. Then our environment can recover.

  • Universal basic income

    While this will cost money evidence suggests that it has a beneficial impact on local economies. It will also help to lift thousands of children out of poverty.

  • Stop the Brain Drain

    Encourage and invest in business areas that will allow more Welsh graduates to remain in Wales. Particularly in North and Mid-Wales. This will also help diversify our local economies to stop the over reliance on tourism shown up by Covid-19.

  • Future Crisis Management.

    Establish permanent ‘crisis management’ structures (such as the SCGs) and ensure LHBs and WG are fully engaged with true two way communication.

  • Positive message of Welsh nationhood

    A positive history of Welsh solutions to Welsh problems can only invigorate the electorate to think: if we can deal with a global Pandemic as a Welsh people, maybe we can look after more than we do, from taxes, to policing, to promoting economic investment. This could well be a watershed moment in viewing the world through the lens of possibilities undiscovered. Welsh vim and vigour could be just beginning to blossom.

  • Putting independence as one of our core pledges in future elections

  • Replacement of the dreaded "Barnett Formula"

  • Setting up a Welsh Bank for economic and personal investment

  • Public ownership of the Water and Energy sector in Wales

  • Integration of Health and Social Care

  • A Welsh Business Model

    We need to develop a Welsh business model that firmly puts SMEs at the centre of our economy. We need to revisit competitive tendering In government and public services to take account of local purchasing initiatives along with environmental considerations. We need to develop a business taxation system that Supports Welsh business. As a party we are rightly strong on social welfare and social cause issues we now need to show that we are equally strong on business and the economy

  • Free bucket hats for all members

  • Protecting vulnerable areas from flooding

  • Tracing journal

    Encourage everyone to keep a hand written journal of people they come into contact with. This only needs to be paper and pen and everyone can do it. It can run alongside any other more technical tracing app.

  • Greener, connected Wales

    Local railways connecting towns, then beyond. Green factors, such as tree planting,conservation and energy.