For the good of the planet

One of the biggest challenge facing Wales and the world is climate change, and the very real threat it poses to our communities.

● In 2009, all four parties in the National Assembly called for the Welsh Government to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020 against the 1990 baseline. Since 2011, the Welsh Government has also been committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year in devolved areas of policy. But while Wales is making progress, we are not currently on track to meet our 40% target.
● In 2011, the contribution of renewable energy to electricity generation in Wales was just 7.9%.

What are the benefits of EU membership?

● Because climate change is an international problem it has to be tackled collectively. We benefit from 100 European laws protecting people and our environment.
● The IPPC talks in Paris, led be the EU, secured international agreement to tackle carbon dioxide emissions. 

What would happen if we left the EU?

● Wales would lose its voice in a vital international institution, that is at the forefront of the campaign against man-made climate change.
● If we leave the EU, the climate change regulations that all companies have to meet will come under the control of the British Government.

What could we do better in the EU?

● Learn from good examples elsewhere in the world.
● Take a more active lead in implementing targets and working directly with the commission to achieve them.

This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.