Reset rather than reboot

Reboot suggests we merely start it back up but my feeling is we need a reset. We have the opportunity in truth for a global reset. With Greta drawing the worlds attention to our global environmental plight prior Covid19 and then lockdown showing us how our natural world responded to it demonstrated how we can indeed make an impact towards reducing our carbon footprint. It was clear that many of us could indeed work from home negating the need for commutes congesting highways and creating polluting traffic fumes. From this evidence we must make it more accessible for people to work remotely and whilst doing that improve access to better broadband but also new technology skills. Many of those working from home were middle class workers with laptops and good quality Internet access. This isn't possible in many areas of Wales or is it as available to certain demographic groups. We need to look at how we can make this style of employment and communication available to everyone and at the same quality for all citizens of Wales. Then our environment can recover.