Utilising the brains and experience of all.

I think that there are some brilliant ideas from my fellow supporters and the enthusiasm that comes over in the comments here is self evident. It would be wonderful to be part of a collection of inspired minds and put together real innovative policies and concepts. A Wales that is independent of England is more feasible now than ever. We can rid ourselves of income tax and put in place progressive tax systems that works for the C21st. Initiate true reform to the democratic process. Have world beating education that encourages individuals to success and not just to get through exams that churn out browbeaten young adults who've learned nothing more than how to conform with a Victorian England idea of how the masses should behave. Wales could become an open and outward looking nation that makes itself known within the rest of Europe and the world. I call on the leaders of our party to utilise those of us who have spent a lifetime of living, working and experiencing the rest of the world. Call for us to return to Wales. Together we may sculpt a vision and practical plans that will bring all of Wales to the mission of an independent nation, and make the rest of the Union say, 'Oh, I wish our nation was that exciting and progressive'.