How you can help ensure that Wales' voice will always be heard?

For nearly 100 years, Plaid Cymru has fought tirelessly for the best interests of Wales. Our members, activists and politicians have strived to ensure that the voice of Wales is heard and respected. We rely completely on the goodwill and financial backing of our members and supporters to be able to do this crucial work for our nation.

You can help ensure that Wales's voice will always be heard by leaving Plaid Cymru a gift in your will. After taking care of the needs of your loved ones and if your financial circumstances allow, please consider leaving Plaid Cymru either a gift or a small percentage of your estate so that our mission to empower Wales lives on. In doing so, you will be helping Plaid Cymru to sustain and develop our ambitions for our nation's future.

Your special gift will help us meet every challenge to our nation's right to determine its own future.

How can I leave a gift to Plaid Cymru?

A share of your estate (residuary gift)

A residuary gift is a percentage of your estate once all cash gifts, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid. Residuary gifts are probably the most beneficial to Plaid Cymru as they are protected from losing value through inflation. Leaving Plaid Cymru just a 1% residuary gift will ensure that future generations of activists are given the support they need to continue building a more prosperous Wales.

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A cash gift (pecuniary gift)

A pecuniary gift is a fixed sum of money. Inflation will reduce the value of a pecuniary gift, so you can revise it from time to time according to your wishes.

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I don't have a will - why do I need one?

Everyone over the age of 18 should have a will to ensure that their assets are distributed to their loved ones and that the causes they believe in are supported. While many people feel that a will is just not needed when they don't have a lot of assets, children or when they are still young, the truth is that a will helps your loved ones. Not only does a help ensure your personal property is distributed according to your wishes, a will can also make the probate process faster and less expensive.

A solicitor can guide you through the process and help you ensure that all your wishes are met. Dependant on the amount of your estate, your estate may be liable to Inheritance Tax. In certain circumstances steps may be taken to reduce the liability, and by donating to Plaid Cymru you will reduce the liability.

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I have a will already - isn't it hard to change it?

If you already have a will then it's really simple to amend it in order to leave Plaid Cymru a gift. All you need to do is send your solicitor a 'codicil form' which is a quick and straightforward process. Your solicitor can help you do this.

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I've already remembered Plaid Cymru in my will

Please accept our sincere thanks. It would be really helpful if you get in touch to let us know so we can keep you updated about developments and make sure your wishes are met. This puts you under no obligation whatsoever should you change your mind and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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Contact Plaid Cymru

If you would like any assistance or further details, please contact Plaid Cymru. Our details can be found on the contact page (please click here).

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