Plaid Cymru has several official sections and affiliated groups. They represent different parts of our society within the party and help to carry Plaid Cymru's message to everyone in Wales. Membership of our sections is open to each relevant member of Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Anabledd

Plaid Anabledd's mission is to advocate for disability rights within Plaid Cymru and on national and global platforms, and aiming to establish an independent, fair, and socially just Wales – by seeking to address disability discrimination and providing a voice for disabled individuals within the Party and Wales.

We adhere to the Social Model of Disability, aligning with the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People and Wales's human rights legislation. Our aim is to integrate disabled voices into Plaid Cymru's policies, advocating for access to work, and fostering collaboration for equality.

Plaid Anabledd fosters an inclusive environment, respecting individuals' diversity in gender, sexuality, disability, and race, valuing personal expressions of identity.

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Plaid BME


Plaid BME section aims to engage, empower and advocate BME voices in Welsh politics.  We want to help develop a Wales that is truly representative of all its people, by creating a culture and space within Plaid where every member feels seen, heard and supported through increased membership, networking, training and representation.  We recognise the struggle is intersectional and want to work with other sections to fight as a collective against individual and institutional forms of discrimination and inequality.

Come join with us to celebrate and value difference and to amplify seldom heard voices in strengthening our party. 

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Councillors' Association


This is the association which was formed to aid Plaid Cymru in fulfilling all our aims in Local Government, including County, and Town and Community Councils.

The association helps and assists every councillor currently elected on behalf of Plaid Cymru on every level of local government. We also work as a research body on behalf of our councillors and help to coordinate Plaid Cymru’s work in councils across our country.

The Councillors’ Association also encourages Plaid Cymru members to stand on Plaid Cymru’s behalf in local elections and become councillors themselves in every part of Wales.

We meet several times a year, including holding an AGM. We also have a stand at Plaid Cymru’s conference so that people can come and chat with us.

We have a facebook page and a newsletter as well as producing other materials of benefit to our membership.

But most importantly, we all support each other and share ideas on how we can win a New Wales.


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Plaid Ifanc

We are Plaid Ifanc

This is what we do:

  • Representing our communities, at a local and national level, to tackle issues facing young people
  • Promoting gender, racial and language equality; environmental awareness; LGBTQIA+ rights; and social justice.
  • Fostering positive international relations with our sister parties in Europe and across the globe.
  • Talking about why our generation should care about politics.
  • Building a Wales that can stand on its own two feet as an independent country.

Take action. Join us

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Merched Plaid


Merched Plaid is the name of the Plaid Cymru Women’s Section.  In the age of #metoo, gender pay gaps and institutionalised discrimination, it provides a safe space for women to share, discuss and actively work on issues that are important to them whilst also encouraging the party to take action on these issues.  

It also seeks to promote greater representation of women within the political field, and campaigns to see a fair, equal, and inclusive Wales. 

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Plaid Pride


Plaid Pride is a group within Plaid Cymru that represents members and supporters of the party who identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an LGBTQIA+ ally. Our work is to champion LGBTQIA+ rights at a Welsh, European and Global level and to shape policies within Plaid Cymru. Our core aim is the establishment of an independent Welsh Republic which is equal, socially just and fair.

Plaid Pride is a safe, inclusive welcoming space, respectful of people’s sexuality, gender and race; respecting, particularly, that not everyone’s gender and sexuality are not always expressed publicly. Anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ is welcome to attend our meetings. Allies are also welcome, i.e. those who want to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can join Plaid Pride here (note this does not include membership of Plaid Cymru).

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Undeb is Plaid Cymru's network of trade union activists. We campaign under the Plaid Cymru umbrella on trade union issues within our own unions and the wider workers' movement. We are active in campaigning for equality within the workers' movement and combatting fascism, racism, misogyny and homophobia wherever it arises.

Opposing zero-hours contracts, insecure working conditions, exploitation of young and migrant workers as well as defending public sector jobs and services, are all vitally important for the success of an independent Wales.

We are also alive to the very real changes in the Welsh economy with workers facing new elements of exploitation via the Gig Economy. We are keen to improve working conditions for people forced to become freelancers or self-employed while effectively working for one employer.

Winning organised workers over to Plaid Cymru is essential to winning an independent Wales.

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