Plaid Cymru always has and always will speak up for Wales and everyone who makes it their home.

With our roots deep in our communities, from the most northerly point in Ynys Môn where I represent to our southern valleys where I was born, our activists, councillors, Senedd and Westminster representatives work hard on your behalf – making the case for a fairer, greener, and more prosperous Wales.

By doing this together, with an understanding that our collective voice is heard louder and carries further than that of one individual, we can build the case for Wales to stand on its own two feet – a confident and successful nation where everyone can achieve their potential.

I want Plaid Cymru to be a home for everyone who shares that ambition and by that, I mean a home for those already curious about independence, those confident about its future as I am, or those whose curiosity is yet to be sparked.

Wales has so much potential, but we are being held back by a damaging Tory government in Westminster and a Labour government in Cardiff Bay lacking urgency and imagination.

Whether on raising standards in our schools, building a resilient and sustainable NHS, creating high-skilled and well-paid jobs or protecting our planet for future generations, Plaid Cymru has the energy and the ideas required to write Wales’s success story.

I look forward to working with you on our journey towards independence.