• Provide free school meals for all children in families receiving Universal Credit, extending to all primary school children by the end of our first term.
  • Establish world-class early years education and childcare, offering 30 hours a week, free for all children from 24 months to school age.
  • Employ 4,500 extra teachers and specialist support staff in schools across Wales by the end of our first term.
  • Conduct a Ministerial review of post-16 provision, put in place systems to end needless competition in post-16 education, and place vocational education on the same foundations as academic learning in school and university.
  • Reduce the maximum tuition fee chargeable to Welsh-domiciled students at Welsh universities to £7,500.
  • Provide a lifelong learning entitlement for retraining worth £5,000 for everyone over 25.

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