Capitalise on Favourable poll in England

Many in Wales are impressed by the poll taken in England that thinks the Devolved Governments are doing much better at handling C19 than Westminster. This positive view anecdotally impresses people of Cymru. PC needs to capitalise on that positive energy. It’s clear that despite their ineptitude that Labour in Cymru have done a better job than Westminster with a far lower R number and fewer transmissions. Despite having their hands tied by the lack of economic powers. If only, it seems to me, Wales had more powers to deal with the other aspects of Coronavirus? It’s success is an argument for independence being vital to us to have the tools to take responsibility. We clearly care more about Cymru than Westminster does. Churchill (afiach) run a very successful campaign to encourage workers to become part of the war effort. It was called ‘give us the tools and we’ll finish the job’ . Why don’t we turn that bellicose marketing gimmick on? Give Wales the tools, & we’ll give you a better Wales. Or something along those lines. Sadly, we need people to take sides now. Cymru or Westminster? We’ve seen so much disgraceful behaviour and corruption in Westminster culminating in Johnson’s pathetic C19 debacle that has cost many lives. Now is the time to brace The people of Wales? Whose side are you on? Richard Jenkins MSc