Focus on fair housing policy

More & more it seems people are waking up to the carpetbagging VolumeHouse builders taking over housing policy in Cymru. They do not build for local need. Do not purchase locally. Employ few locals. If they do it’s often sub contractors at penurious rates. Too many tales of contractors being squeezed out of full payments at the end of contract. All in all they bring little or nothing to Wales whilst they eat up our building land to make huge profits building Mini mansions for seasoned buyers. Often these buyers are not local but incomers looking for a cheap deal on a chicken cwt size house. So we gain only a poor standard of housing stock. People are picking up on this modern day rape and Plaid should be putting together a plan to introduce legislation that will allow local builders to develop our land for local need. Ready for publication when the Corvid 19 crisis ends. Diolch Richard (Director Federation of Master Builders - RETIRED)