More devolved law making powers

What was made evident (seemingly reluctantly by Llafur) during lockdown is that we can do things better here in Wales when we have the law making powers to do so. Albeit I support the using of our health powers - what was also made apparent was the sheer confusion because of mainstream media repeating Boris’ words where they only applied to England. We might not be able to hold Boris to account, but we should be able to have media that’s colloquially accurate or at least accountable for sharing misinformation (Boris might find England a dirty word, and used UK - but it shouldn’t be accepted that media repeat it with the same sentiments). It’s been a long time coming, but we need devolved law making powers on media or else all the work done up til now is null and void. The high streets are going to die, and the reason we’re opening back up so soon is because of a lack of devolved law making powers in business and infrastructure. If we taxed the companies (not Westminster), we’d have greater incentives and abilities to work with. We need to reshape our social spaces - and I feel we should build recreational facilities (things you can’t physically achieve online) in our town/city centres to help inspire more footfall/tourism. Had we devolved law making powers on Policing - we could have amended the issue of “non sensical travellers” during covid, where it’s a question that why does Manchester (a city) have greater law making powers than our country? I’d like Plaid to push further for Independence and try to start answering the questions of what that might look like aka fleshing our the idea into a plan. We can’t do it without the above - where I feel media is the most important. We need to reconnect as communities, and whilst we’re doing it a fresh - why not open the gates and finally reconnect our country! I’m from Neath and here nothing about what happens up north, west or out east! I’m lucky to hear what happens in Swansea or Cardiff! Let’s break the communication breakdown and rebuild our country with community.