The green economy

Wales is a world leader in environmental legislation, and since lockdown it has been nature and our natural spaces around us that have kept people going, improving mental health, offering hobbies, and keeping us fit. Now more than ever, it's critical to do everything we can to change the fate of the world through reducing carbon emissions, rewilding areas, connecting wild areas together, and acting to show the world that natures future doesn't have to be set in stone. Therefore, i fully believe that with the publics attitude being so much more seated to our natural arwas, that we open Wales back up from Ovid through green methods. Our economy is driven so much by our tourism industry, and we in west Wales have suffered and will continue suffering if our economy isn't diversified to include more industry than just tourism, farming and a fishing. My suggestions therefore include: 1. Increasing investment into green energy where appropriate to diversify coastal economies, including traineeships and employment opportunities being favoured for local people. Upskill local youth to take in high end professional jobs, and work to highlight successes globally. 2. Subsidise farming not based on yield but through what percentage of their land is set aside for wildlife. Subsidise practices that benefit nature and introduce levies on practices which are damaging to nature. Be proactive in our way of thinking around food production, and promote the use of local products going into local stores. 3. Work with all sectors to realise environmental measures, but put particular focus on the private sector, attracting industry with a track record of being green, but also produce guidance on how existing business can work to benefit wildlife and diversify their practices to improve our economy. I've plenty more ideas but I'll leave that there for now! Mae'n pwysig i fi i ail-agor ein economi trwy feddwl amdano natur, ac yn gynnwys y ffaith dan ni'n gallu newid ein dyfodol rwan. Gynnon ni y cyfle prin i greu newidiadau enfawr, a dan ni angen dim ond rhywyn i ddod o hyd y hyder i arwain y ffordd. Diolch, Andy