Plaid Cymru reaffirms our commitment to ensure that LGBT+ voices and experiences need to be heard and affirmed and will continue to actively promote LGBT+ rights.

On education, we would require schools to keep a register of bullying incidents related to sexuality, to take action where necessary and to involve students in anti-bullying initiatives.

We would ensure that relationships and experiences of the LGBT+ community – including the trans, nonbinary, and asexual communities are included in the statutory element of Relationships and Sex Education of the new curriculum, in all school settings, and that teacher training is available.

We commit to promoting LGBT+ inclusion throughout society, including in all workplaces.

We would promote LGBT+ participation in sport, as part of broader efforts towards healthier lifestyles, and work with clubs and organisations to be trans-inclusive, and reduce homophobic, and sexist behaviour.

We would continue to fight for equality for trans people. Having secured recurrent funding for a Wales Gender Identity Clinic, Plaid Cymru will work to improve the provision and ensure timely access to its services and support.

We support the reform of the Gender Recognition Act to introduce a streamlined, de-medicalised process based on self-declaration and in line with international best practice. We will seek the devolution of powers necessary to introduce this change and will uphold trans people’s right to continue to access services and facilities in accordance with their gender identity.

We would continue to support efforts for full recognition and protection from discrimination for asexual and non-binary people under the law.

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