The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated health, societal and economic problems already faced by disabled people and has created new difficulties and gaps in services for many. Plaid Cymru is committed to alleviating difficulties and removing such barriers through an intersectional approach. We would:

  • Establish sheltered employment schemes for people who need a more supportive environment to return to work.
  • Ask employers to publish their disability pay gap.
  • Ensure local authorities and social landlords provide more disabled friendly housing. All schools will have appropriate access for physically disabled pupils.
  • Provide better support for people with learning difficulties, including increasing the number of specialist nurses in hospital settings to address inequalities in the provision of health services.
  • Work with blind, partially sighted, and deaf people and those experiencing hearing loss, the organisations representing them, and professionals, to develop national strategies to ensure co-ordinated and equitable access to services.

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