Justice powers

After twenty years of devolution, it is an anomaly for the Senedd not to have full control of criminal justice matters. We would press for full devolution of the criminal justice system – the police, prisons, probation and the courts – so we can create a fairer and more equal justice system.

We support the creation of a distinct legal jurisdiction in Wales.

Welsh control justice and policing will allow us to concentrate on those distinctive aspects of Welsh society which lead to different opportunities and challenges to Welsh policy makers.

Inequality is built into the heart of our justice system. Our aim will be to create a Welsh criminal justice system focused on establishing problem-solving justice initiatives that tackle the root causes of offending at an early stage, focusing on prevention rather than retribution.

We would:

  1. Task the Counsel General with bringing together the diverse and uncoordinated justice functions currently held by the Welsh Government.
  2. Set out a pathway for implementation of the Commission on Justice in Wales’ recommendations, especially in creating a distinctive Welsh legal jurisdiction.

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