Plaid Cymru will invest more in our schools to employ more staff. By the end of our first term in office we will:

  • Recruit and retain 4,500 extra teachers and specialist support staff.
  • Employ additional Learning Needs coordinators.
  • Increase professional learning opportunities.

We will deliver a three-year budget for education so that schools and further education settings can better plan and utilise their resources. We will make sure funding reaches the frontline in an effective and timely manner, moving away from specific grants, and last-minute allocations. The extra funding we have allocated will allow schools more capacity for curriculum development and special projects.

We will bear down on unnecessary administration and bureaucracy. We will produce a more effective use of resources. We will streamline the so-called ‘middle tier’ between schools and Welsh Government, including local authorities, education consortia, universities, Estyn, WJEC, and Qualifications Wales.

Family Schools

We believe that schools should offer holistic, multi-agency services to families, starting with Early Years. We will develop agreed criteria for defining the characteristics of family schools and build them into school strategic plans.

Our parenting policies will build on the latest research evidence to help parents provide the best possible early start for their children. We commit to trialling and evaluating innovative programmes and roll out best practice at pace.

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