Skills Framework for Wales

At the moment those who do not choose to go to university are badly served by our education system, if supported at all. By under-investing in practical, vocational, and technical education we are wasting talent and preventing people from realising their potential.

We would develop a new Skills Framework for Wales to achieve a better way of matching jobs to people and people to jobs.

We would create a one-stop-shop platform that will bring together existing careers and employability support to enable people to:

  • Capture their skills, experiences, and job histories in an online profile.
  • Risk-assess their current occupation and skills profile and locate suitable training, work experience, and alternative employment.
  • Connect online with employers to discuss skills, training, and work experience opportunities.
  • Learn about careers, training, and job opportunities in real time.
  • Access their Personal Learning Account and make decisions as to how that account should be invested.

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