Student Financial Support

We would reduce the maximum tuition fee chargeable to Welsh-domiciled students at Welsh universities to £7,500, this would be the first step towards our long-term goal of making university education free again.

Tuition and maintenance loans and grants will be provided as at present to students studying at UK universities outside Wales.

We would raise the teaching grant payment associated with each student to reflect more accurately the subject’s reasonable costs and its social and economic value to students and taxpayers.

In addition, we would:

  • Adapt the Seren Network to include a stronger partnership with Welsh universities to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds in applying to university.
  • Introduce direct Welsh Government support to cover the costs to Welsh HEI’s to provide larger provision for STEM, engineering, management, some medical courses, and technology courses.
  • Protect inward and outward student mobility between Wales and the European Union post Brexit.

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