Councils run hundreds of services. Many are visible to everyone such as refuse collection or the state of local roads.

Others you many only know about if you come into contact with them, such as social services provision for a loved one or housing.

The list is not exhaustive, but services run by your local county council could include:

  • School education and lifelong learning
  • Social services and family support
  • Housing and regeneration
  • Parks, playgrounds and open spaces
  • Tackling disadvantage
  • Leisure centres and sports
  • Climate and environment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Supporting vulnerable residents
  • Refuse, recycling and street cleaning
  • Economic growth, business support and advice
  • Arts, libraries, museums and heritage sites
  • Transport, roads and street lighting
  • Community safety and crime reduction
  • Planning and building regulations

These services are all funded through our taxes – whether via the Welsh Government or the collection of local council tax.

Arguably, your local council services have more of an impact on our everyday lives than any other service provider.

Being a Plaid Cymru Councillor means you can be champion for your community, ensuring the services you and your neighbours get are the best they can be.

Why not express your interest in being a Plaid Cymru Community Champion today?

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