Many areas have a Town Council or Community Council. There are over 730 of them in Wales with over 8,000 elected Councillors.

More recently, Town and Community Councils have become increasingly responsible for parks, playgrounds and open spaces. They may also be responsible for your local community halls and bus shelters.

You don’t have to be a County Councillor to be a Town or Community Councillor or vice versa. The Community Council is a great way of having a say in developing your local area without carrying the additional responsibilities of a County Councillor

If you are interested in getting active and being a Community Champion, but don’t know whether that is as a Community Councillor or County Councillor, why not register your interest today and we can discuss further with you?

1. What do Councils do?

2. Town & Community Councils

3. Why be a Councillor?

4. If I express an interest what happens next?

5. Feedback any barriers which may prevent you from becoming a Community Champion.