Help us understand the barriers to standing for election

Plaid Cymru is particularly interested in empowering more women and candidates from under-represented groups to become Community Champions and to represent the party.

We are actively working on a 'Run for Office' programme which, when implemented, will include a more comprehensive and structured package of training, support and mentoring of our future candidates.

You can assist us by helping us to understand some of the barriers that may prevent you from standing for election.  There is no right or wrong answer here - what is a barrier to one person may be the motivating factor for another person.  But having your feedback at this stage will ensure the party is able to break down those barriers with the correct support.

Please take a moment to let us know what may be barrier to you and/or prevent you from becoming a Community Champion, and/or what the party could do to ensure you are supported and empowered if you decide to become a community champion.  We'd really appreciate it.

1. What do Councils do?

2. Town & Community Councils

3. Why be a Councillor?

4. If I express an interest what happens next?

5. Feedback any barriers which may prevent you from becoming a Community Champion.