Cardiff Wales Airport

Expansion of air travel does not form an important part of our overall transport policy because of its contribution to global warming. However, we recognise that air travel is an essential element of international communication and the tourism industry. A viable international airport must therefore remain a part of the overall transportation infrastructure of the country. At the same time, we will:

  • Press UK Government to place a duty on aviation fuel to remove its current tax break. Pro rata this would raise some £50-70m a year for Wales.
  • Promote a move to synthetic and biofuels for aviation and press for it to be made mandatory by 2030 at an international level.
  • Reduce the impact of aviation-based emissions by creating a national climate offset company based at Cardiff airport. This will embrace a range of techniques as part of an auditable carbon offset scheme. All public sector air travel in Wales should be offset by law.

Like all airports Cardiff Wales has been hit hard by the impact of Covid-19 against a background of successive UK governments centralising air travel at Heathrow, involving long journeys to access that facility. Our priorities for Cardiff airport include:

  • Pressing for Air Passenger Duty to be devolved to Wales.
  • Growing Cardiff Airport’s share of existing airfreight business.
  • Integrating public transport links to the airport into the Metro.
  • Maximising the economic opportunities represented by the wider maintenance, repair, and overhaul cluster in the region.
  • Maintaining the Intra-Wales air service between Cardiff and Ynys Môn and ensure that user-friendly public transport is available at both destinations.

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