Digital Connectivity

We would develop a national connectivity strategy, combining our plans for integrated green public transport with those for broadband improvement.

We would deliver ultra-fast gigabit broadband to all Welsh homes and businesses by 2026.

Enhanced digital technology will encourage more homeworking, a major change to travel patterns that can reduce carbon emissions, congestion and in many cases stress. Until now this potential has been largely untapped. However, the Covid-19 lockdowns have resulted in a surge in home working and revealed to many employers and employees the advantages in time and money.

We would invest in a major programme to provide superfast remote working hubs, initially in less prosperous communities, to cater for people whose home environment or equipment is unsuitable for remote working and for firms with inadequate socially distanced space to accommodate all their workers all the time.

We would incentivise local government in committing to purchasing full fibre broadband services, as a means of providing certainty of demand and encouraging investment.

We would develop a national Welsh-based publicly owned or mutual broadband network company to address connectivity in parts of Wales.

We would change planning law so that all new buildings are built with gigabit-capable broadband from the outset.

We would ensure better access for fibre builders to existing infrastructure and change the rules on planning consent, access to land and the use of the latest digging technology to speed up rollout.

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