Better Governance and Patient and Carer Rights

We would introduce a Right to Care Charter, which will establish national expectations on waiting times for treatment, and our long standing pledge to have essential services such as maternity and A+E within a reasonable distance of people’s homes.

We would reform the governance and regulation of health bodies in Wales to place greater emphasis on openness, public trust and engagement, patient outcomes and public value. There should be more openness and transparency in the publication of health data and information, which should be made more easily accessible to the public. Patients and families should be entitled to sit in on internal review committees.

Patient advocates are needed to help patients and carers to navigate and hold the NHS and other public services such as social security, education, local authorities, and housing providers to account.

We would establish a regulatory body for NHS management, which would be responsible for setting competencies and professional development for NHS managers, as well as having the ability to sanction poor performance.

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