New Health Boards for the north

The North Wales Health Board was in Special Measures for more than five years. It is too large, employs too many management consultants and agency staff, and has poor relationships with the unions. We will replace it with two new Boards.

One for the North West, centred around Bangor University Medical School, will aim to be a world leader in rural medicine. The other, for the North East, will focus on elective treatment, establish a centre for nursing excellence in partnership with Glyndŵr University, and develop specialist services that too often have been outsourced to England.

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With Coronavirus preventing us from having the usual face-to-face conversations on the doorstep, we're changing the way in which we campaign in this election.

It would be a big help to us to know that you're voting for us, enabling us to focus our campaign efforts on persuading those who haven't yet made up their mind.

If you're voting Plaid Cymru this year please let us know.

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