Enhancing our arts and culture

Strengthening the local

The impact of imposed austerity has had a harsh effect on the role of local authorities in the provision of arts and culture. In all areas councils have struggled to maintain provision. In some areas they have withdrawn completely. Even where resources are stretched councils should have a formal responsibility to take a lead in this field. We will require all local authorities to:

  • Act as a convener and enabler of arts and culture within their boundaries.
  • Establish a local cultural consortium to bring local cultural networks together.
  • Give special attention to:
    1. Encouraging participation in the arts by children and young people, particularly those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
    2. Providing greater access to the arts for people of colour, disabled people as well as other marginalised people.
    3. Promoting the use of the Welsh language in arts activities, including new Welsh language spaces.
    4. Ensuring that Welsh history and heritage is integral to the delivery of the school curriculum, and that it reflects the diversity of Wales.

As part of enhancing the work of the local authority-based Partnership Councils we will work with the Arts Council of Wales, CADW, sector representatives and stakeholders such as Race Council Cymru to develop improved relationships between locally based cultural activities and our national institutions.

Funding according to need

The economic condition of Wales – the high incidence of poverty and social deprivation across its many hard-pressed communities - justifies special funding over and above the Barnett formula. This should also apply to the apportionment of lottery funds.

We would press for an additional 1 per cent in Wales’s share of all UK lottery funds to recognise these additional needs.

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