Building a new Wales - facing the future together

We are not the country that we should be. We are not the country that we can be. And we are not the country we want to be.

Wales has incredible potential as a nation. The problems that have we had for generations are not inevitable. We can solve these problems, together. But the first step is electing a Government that has the ambition to build a new Wales that’s better than the old.

Plaid Cymru’s Programme for Government will be based around delivering five main goals.

1. The best start in life for every child

  • Free school meals to all primary school children using quality Welsh produce.
  • Investing in 4,500 extra teachers and support staff, reducing class sizes, and valuing the teaching profession.
  • Childcare free for all from 24 months.

2. A plan for the whole country to prosper

  • A £6bn Green Economic Stimulus to help create 60,000 jobs.
  • A guaranteed job or high-quality training for 16–24-year-olds.
  • Zero interest loans to support small businesses to bounce back post-Covid.

3. A fair deal for families

  • Cut the bills of average Council Taxpayers, helping the weekly budget go further.
  • £35 per child weekly top-up payment to families living below the poverty line.
  • 50,000 social and affordable homes, and fair rents for the future.

4. The best national health and care service

  • Train and recruit 1,000 new Doctors and 5,000 new Nurses and allied staff.
  • Free personal care at the point of need for the elderly, ending the divide between health and social care.
  • Guaranteed minimum wage of £10 an hour for care workers.

5. Tackling the climate emergency

  • Set a Wales 2035 Mission to decarbonise and to reach net zero emissions.
  • Establish Ynni Cymru as an energy development company with a target of generating 100 per cent of electricity from renewables by 2035.
  • Introduce a Nature Act with statutory targets to restore biodiversity by 2050.

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