Transforming Wales – our national mission

It is Plaid Cymru's aim to set Wales on a new path. A Plaid Cymru Government will fulfil the commitments in this fully costed programme for government in the first term, but they also form part of our wider long term vision for Wales’ future and for a Wales transformed. We will govern for today and prepare for tomorrow to deliver a country transformed by the turn of this decade as we seek to build a new, sustainable, equal and socially just independent nation. These are the objectives underpinning our national mission.

  • The Welsh economy will be locally owned and pay high wages.
  • Jobs and investment will be shared equitably across the whole country.
  • The economy will be more balanced and diverse and our public finances will be stronger.
  • The talent we have in Wales will be developed and retained.
  • Our energy will be completely renewable and owned and generated locally.
  • Wales will be decarbonised and will produce no emissions.
  • Our natural environment and biodiversity will thrive.
  • Our agricultural sector will be a key component of an increasingly localised food system.
  • People will live longer, fitter lives in a healthier society that prevents sickness.
  • Older people will maintain their independence and dignity as they get older and will receive support when they need it.
  • Our citizens will be amongst the most educated and highly skilled globally.
  • Our society will protect women, children and the vulnerable.
  • Everybody will have a right to a home.
  • Power and accountability will rest as close as possible to the people and our country’s national institutions will be accountable to the people they serve.
  • Nobody’s votes will be wasted and our democracy will reflect all the voices and will be representative of Wales’ diverse population at each tier of government.
  • The citizens of Wales will be informed and engaged and will receive the information necessary to hold decision makers to account.
  • The Welsh language will be normalised and used as a language for living, working and public and private administration.
  • Racism, misogyny and other forms of discrimination and intolerance will be eradicated.
  • Our citizens will share a common understanding of the diverse history, cultural heritage, ethnic diversity, identity, experiences and perspectives of Wales, and Wales’ national identity will be strengthened as an inclusive, progressive bond for the common good.
  • The Welsh state will enshrine the basic rights of its citizens in a written charter of citizens’ rights and responsibilities, based on a national citizenship of equals which embraces inclusion and diversity.
  • Communities in every part of Wales will be sustainable, well-connected and individuals will have access to key amenities and services closer to home.
  • Transport links between the north and south, east and west will make travel within Wales easier and quicker.
  • Super-fast broadband will be available to every property and business in Wales.
  • Wales will play its part as a nation in its own right on the world stage in striving for peace.
  • Wales will face up to the responsibilities of our past and the realities of our present.

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