Greener Homes

We will ensure that all homes, offices and public buildings have the highest level of energy efficiency by 2050.

New Build

We will plan houses in a way which will accommodate seamless transfer to new technologies. We will pursue the roll-out of energy positive houses which are capable of exporting surplus energy to the electricity grid.

In planning new homes, we will ban the use of fossil fuel energy from 2022 and will require all to be highly energy efficient by 2023.


We will create a long term energy efficiency infrastructure plan to retrofit the entire Welsh housing stock to higher environmental standards over the next 30 years. This will contribute to ending fuel poverty and the associated ‘excess deaths’ in winter.

To meet our target of retrofitting every home by 2050 we will need to refurbish 200,000 homes in this Senedd term. This programme will deliver 20 per cent efficiency savings across the Welsh domestic stock.

Heating by electricity and heat pumps will be our priority and we will therefore develop a major programme of installing heat pumps, prioritising off-grid homes.

Every home will be offered a free energy audit and recommendations on a conversion plan.

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