Wales 2035

The current target for Wales of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 is not fast enough. Instead we would set a target to meet all of Wales’ energy demands – electricity, heating and transport – entirely from renewables by 2035 alongside a target for Wales to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Independence is essential if Wales is to reach this goal. However, if by 2030 Wales is still reliant on key policy decisions being made at Westminster, we may be forced to adjust the target date.

Wales 2035 would become a national, cross-sector and cross-community mission with the following plans:

  • Decarbonising all of our railways by 2035.
  • Legislating to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans before the UK date of 2030.
  • All electricity demand in Wales to be renewable by 2030.
  • All electricity generated in Wales to be renewable by 2035.

Inspired by the City Council’s target for Cardiff to become carbon neutral by 2025, we would launch a Challenge Fund for cities, towns and communities that seek to become Welsh carbon pioneers by reaching carbon neutrality before 2035.

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