Tenants’ rights

We will introduce a Fair Rents Bill to provide tenancies of indefinite duration and end no-fault evictions. All rents will need to be assessed as fair and there will be a rent cap for increases. We will make tenancies transferable between generations as they were under the 1977 Rent Act.

We will give local authorities the power to set a Living Rent rule which will cap rent in rental pressure zones at a maximum of one third of local average income. In the social rented sector, we will also adopt a living rent model which links rent with local income, ending the current freedom for housing associations to raise rent above inflation.

We will introduce an Emergency Mortgage Rescue Scheme giving people the option to become tenants rather than face eviction, with the option to buy back in the future via a shared ownership structure.

We will grant local authorities and housing associations greater discretion to avoid evictions when arrears are caused by welfare cuts. We will end the placement of under-18s in bed and breakfast accommodation.

We will work with the police to ensure that in situations of domestic abuse, the default position will be that it is the victims who have the right to remain in their accommodation, unless there are significant safety issues.

We will strengthen the powers to deal with poor landlords that don’t meet housing standards or social responsibilities. Through Rent Smart Wales they will be subject to annual vetting and struck off if they fail to comply. Local Authorities will then be given an opportunity to buy these properties to renovate and put out for rental.

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