We will enshrine the right to housing in law. We will make Housing First the default option for anyone with complex needs who is experiencing homelessness and appoint a national director for Housing First throughout Wales.

In addition:

  • We will require local authorities to adopt a rapid rehousing model, whereby anyone experiencing homelessness is guaranteed their own room, not merely floorspace for 12 hours a day, as immediate emergency accommodation.
  • We will repeal section 74 of the Housing Act Wales (2014) which allows local authorities to end their duty of help to people who are still known to be homeless. We will bring a permanent end to the implementation of No Recourse to Public Funds conditions in Wales, so that everyone in Wales who needs to, is able to access housing and homelessness services.
  • We will abolish the priority need system by the end of this Senedd term.
  • We will the scrap the bedroom tax as soon as we have the power to do so.

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