Ministry of the Future

We would create a new Ministry of the Future, responsible for digital, innovation, technology, and long-term planning. Our objective is to turn the Government into an engine of innovation, to foster entrepreneurialism and creativity within Government itself.

A priority for the new Ministry will be to “futureproof” government decisions, including budget decisions, so they are considered against the impact they will have on future generations.

An essential component of this new department will be an Innovation Team. This will adopt an experimental approach to new ideas – fast testing in the real world wherever possible, extending the use of rigorous methods like randomised control trials.

We would seek to embed the use of a wide range of methods, from human centred design to behavioural economics and data-driven decision-making, to improve policy and delivery. We will accelerate the application of machine learning and AI to public services and public policy while setting out a clear ethical framework to guard against their misuse.

The Ministry would conduct an audit of our preparedness for major risks, ensuring that it is updated on a regular basis.

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