A new, transformed nation

We would lay the ground work to support the fulfilment of our broader, long term vision for Wales’ future as we seek to build a new, sustainable, equal and socially just independent nation – A Nation of Equals and an Equal Nation.

An effective government, a high performing country

We would introduce a national performance framework to guide not only the Welsh Government but also the wider public service and other key partners towards a shared national mission for 2030, with tangible national objectives and national indicators for the whole country, based on the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

We would introduce a streamlined set of key performance indicators for the Welsh Government and Public Service as a whole, combining reporting on expenditure with the outcomes achieved in each policy area.

We would strengthen the machinery of government and respond positively to the concerns raised and recommendations made by the Senedd’s Public Accounts Committee.

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