Ynni Cymru and Community Energy

In Wales, we produce 90% more electricity than we use, yet our household bills are amongst the highest in the UK. At a time when the cost of living is rising – and with spiralling energy bills at the heart of this crisis - Plaid Cymru believes that Wales can meet all its energy demand entirely from renewables by 2035.

Thanks to Plaid Cymru, through our Co-operation Agreement with Welsh Government, we will create Ynni Cymru, a publicly-owned energy company for Wales. Ynni Cymru will help Wales realise its potential as an energy rich nation whose resources benefit the people of Wales, not multinational exporters.

Our vision for Ynni Cymru is based on green, renewable energy generation with a specific focus on community-owned projects. We believe that all new renewable energy projects in Wales above 5MW should have at least between 5 per cent and 33 per cent community and local ownership, to support rural and coastal economies.

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