With 67,000 households on housing waiting lists, only a fraction of the social and affordable housing Wales needs is currently being built.

In an 18-month period, from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the end of November 2021, over 17,300 people in Wales presented as homeless.

In some parts of Wales, up to 40 per cent of the houses that go on the market every year are now bought as second homes, with prices rising and local families priced out due to a surge in demand for housing.

Through our Co-operation Agreement with Welsh Government, we are taking action to address the housing crisis by:

  • Establishing a national construction company – Unnos – to support councils and social landlords to improve the supply of social and affordable housing
  • Tackling the second homes crisis, including introducing a cap on the number of second and holiday homes, measures to bring more homes into common ownership and allowing local authorities to charge council tax premiums of up to 300% on second homes
  • Ending homelessness
  • Reforming housing law to give renters greater security and a fair rents (rent control) system

Plaid Cymru-led local authorities and councillors will support:

Building more high quality and energy efficient social housing, including a greater proportion of social housing with renewable energy generation

Higher council tax premiums for second homes and steps to close the loophole that allows second homeowners to register their property as businesses in order to avoid paying the council tax premium

Changing planning legislation to impose a cap on the number of second homes and to refuse permission for changing a dwelling from being a primary to a secondary residence

Bringing empty properties back into use by demanding that owners make improvements and provide grants to first time buyers to renovate empty and neglected properties

More Social Housing, Jobs and Apprentices

Carmarthenshire County Council has committed to deliver more than 900 new builds by 2029 which will be the biggest increase in council housing stock in Carmarthenshire since the 1970s. As well as providing much needed homes in the county, the investment will also boost the local economy creating jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships in the construction industry.

Plaid Cymru: Making a Difference

Ceredigion’s Award-Winning Cozy Caron Project

Ceredigion County Council’s Cozy Caron project will ensure that local residents’ homes are energy efficient and warm. This awardwinning programme provided significant benefits to 137 vulnerable residents in 2020, helping to combat fuel poverty. The programme targets those living in energy inefficient homes, particularly in rural areas where the gas network does not reach, with central heating and insulation.

Plaid Cymru: Making a Difference

Reducing Food Waste

From the Rhondda to Gwynedd, Plaid Cymru councillors and volunteers have been working with their communities to run food share schemes that redistribute surplus food to families, community groups and charities.

Plaid Cymru: Making a Difference

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