Active travel and 20-minute neighbourhoods

Walking and cycling are not only more sustainable than motorised transport in environmental terms but can also be an important part of healthy living.

Plaid Cymru supports the principle of creating 20-minute neighbourhoods in all our towns and cities providing convenient, safe, pedestrian access to the places people need to go and the services people use nearly every day: public transport, shopping, school, parks, and social activities.

Local authorities have a key role to move our communities towards this ambition, by:

  • Setting ambitious targets to increase the provision of cycle routes and safe routes to schools and town centres
  • Creating incentives to encourage the take-up of e-bikes and encourage the use of bike hire schemes, and explore the potential for e-cargo bikes to replace vans and cut HGV traffic
  • Designating safer speed limits in all built up areas
  • Supporting the location of council offices to town and city centres away from out-of-town developments

We will also encourage walking and cycling with a specific focus on access for disabled groups. There will be investment in better pavements, dropped curbs, public toilets and benches and improving public accessibility to amenities such as parks and public transport.

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