International Relations

Plaid Cymru would develop a Welsh international strategy based on the promotion of our values, including democracy, sustainable development, and opportunities for all regardless of gender, race, and other protected characteristics.

In response to the climate emergency, and building on the 2015 Future Generations (Wales) Act, we would make meaningful Wales’s commitment to establish itself as a globally responsible nation. In particular, we would bring forward reaching zero carbon emissions from 2050 to 2035, demonstrating our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We would continue to work with the British Council for the better promotion of Wales and Welsh culture across the world and work closely with international development organisations to promote empowerment of communities across the global south, supporting and developing existing links and exchange programmes with sub-Saharan Africa and increasing awareness in Wales.

We would work closely with sub-state governments that share common characteristics with Wales, such as bilingualism, and will continue to develop links with the Chubut Province in Argentina.

We would seek Welsh associate membership of UNESCO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, and the International Maritime Organisation.

We would establish a formal relationship between the Welsh Government and the Consular Association in Wales as a starting point for developing a strategy to encourage more diplomatic representation in Wales, bringing together key businesses, with a shared objective of enhancing the Welsh economy.

It is vitally important that Wales continues to grow the scale of its international cultural engagement, especially in view of the damaging cultural effects of Brexit. We would:

  • Press the UK Government to restore, via a protocol to the UK-EU treaty, visa-free freedom of movement within the EU for artists and arts organisations from Wales and the UK, as well as access to Creative Europe programmes.
  • Maintain strong financial support for the work of Wales Arts International.

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