Make it Welsh

In the private and mutual sector, we would set targets to substantially increase the proportion of our economy which is domestically owned. We would:

  • Prioritise locally owned business over profit-exporting corporations as the foundation of our economy.
  • Develop a strategy to scale-up existing businesses with high growth potential.
  • Introduce a business succession programme and appropriate financial support to retain Welsh ownership of successful firms, with a special focus in expanding the number of employee-owned businesses.
  • Create a ‘Made in Wales’ official brand that will be carried by any product or service where 50 per cent of the value is created in Wales.
  • Launch buy Welsh and buy local campaigns to raise levels of Welsh consumption of Welsh produced goods and services.
  • Encourage innovative agricultural products and producers of healthy local food.
  • Develop public distribution systems so small and medium-sized businesses no longer find themselves blocked from market access (where this is monopolised by supermarkets, big retailers and online platforms like Amazon or Uber) and can sell directly to consumers.

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