Further Education, Apprenticeships and Lifelong learning

As we deal with the economic impact of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that people can access quality post-16 provision. Plaid Cymru believes that vocational education must be put on the same foundations as academic education, and that skills and qualifications in key areas such as care, construction and agriculture should be prioritised.

We will increase the number and quality of apprenticeships available, actively working to remove financial barriers to training and increase the diversity of apprentices, and expand lifelong learning opportunities available. Through working in partnership with further education colleges and local businesses, our councillors will develop more coherent local labour markets.

Through our Cooperation Agreement with Welsh Government, Plaid Cymru has secured commitments to expand lifelong learning provision. Plaid Cymru has also secured investment for Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and the National Centre for Learning Welsh, to help expand opportunities for Welsh-medium apprenticeships and further education.

Investing in Apprenticeships

Gwynedd County Council has continued to invest in two schemes designed to help local residents find work in the county. The Council has recently committed a further £900,000 to its Council Apprenticeship Scheme, which has appointed 35 apprentices over the past three years, with many of these apprentices later joining the council on a permanent basis.

The Council aims to appoint 60 new apprentices by 2025.

It has also committed funding to its Cynllun Yfory graduate scheme, which helps to develop Gwynedd’s managers and experts whilst encouraging partners to provide training and work provision through the Welsh language.

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