“Now is the time for a new vision that will turn the Welsh economy into one that works for everyone in Wales” – Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price

Plaid Cymru will outline a new economic plan to transform the Welsh economy, create green jobs, to raise living standards, and protect Wales from Westminster’s economic chaos, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has said.

Speaking ahead of his party’s spring conference in Llanelli, the Plaid Cymru Leader said that these were “dark days” for families across Wales with rising bills and falling pay the “reality of Sunak’s Britain”.

In the latest economic figures Wales – the country with the highest child poverty - saw the greatest slump in GDP of any UK nation, and the biggest fall in employment.

Mr Price said that Wales must be given the tools to transform its economy – from full ownership over its natural resources – including full devolution over the Crown Estate, to stronger financial powers and a fairer funding settlement as part of a wider economic plan.

The Plaid Cymru Leader added that his party would soon launch its own “green, locally driven and socially-just” economic plan – but that ultimately the only way to create a new economy and invest in public services and infrastructure would be through independence.

Plaid Cymru’s Spring Conference will be held on 3 and 4 of March at y Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price is expected to say,

“These are dark days of crisis after crisis. Families are skipping meals, sitting in unheated homes. Rents and their mortgage payments are soaring while real pay is falling.

“And what is already bad enough may be about to get worse, when next month, tens of thousands more are forced into fuel poverty by a government that cares more for the profits of energy giants than the people struggling to pay giant energy bills.  

“This is the reality of Sunak’s Britain. 

“People hope and expect Labour to be better but the closer they get to office, the higher they rise in the opinion polls, the more cautious and conservative they become.  

“So, what kind of economic alternative could we and should we demand?

“Plaid Cymru believes in rejecting a foolish, failed hard Brexit by re-joining the Single Market and the Customs Union.  Keir Starmer knows that to be the best option – but, just like Boris Johnson or Rishi Sunak, he says what not what he believes to be true but what he believes to be popular.

“But for those that put their faith in the job-creating power of Brexit tell that to the seven hundred workers at Two Sisters in Ynys Mon.

“Plaid Cymru believes that now is the time for a new vision that will transform the Welsh economy into one that works for every part and for everyone in Wales. 

“That’s why I’m pleased to say that Luke Fletcher will soon be launching For Wales, Dros Gymru - a program for our nation’s future and a new economy that is green, locally driven, and socially just – the kind of overarching plan of action that Wales lacks from its Labour government.

Addressing the next Westminster Government, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price will say,

“Give us in Wales the tools so we can begin the work of transforming the Welsh economy to raise living standards, remove inequality and protect ourselves from Westminster’s economic chaos.

“That must begin with a fairer funding settlement, stronger financial powers and full control over our natural resources – including devolution of the Crown Estate – so we can take ownership of Wales’ incredible potential to drive the next green industrial revolution.

“And a Welsh Green Revolution has the capacity to transform the Welsh economy. To revive, re-energise and reindustrialise, connecting homes and business with clean, reliable, affordable power, creating thousands of well-paid jobs and cheap electricity.

On independence, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price will add,

“Labour says it will pass a Take Back Control act.  For England, only.  Which is ironic given England in this union has the most control of all. We in Wales under Keir Starmer’s plans, must content ourselves with looking forward to the devolution of youth justice.

“But the only way to achieve justice, socially and economically, will be through our nation’s independence.

“That is how we will create a new economy that is an engine of change. That drives up wages and incomes not prices and products and runs not in the interests of the super-rich but the actual wealth creators – working people.

“And independence will mean we can build up our nation, our infrastructure, our public services, the lives of our people in a nation transformed by fair, sensible, progressive policies. It will mean that an independent Wales will be able to make the essentials of life accessible and affordable in the case of transport and housing, and for health, elder care and childcare, universal and free – a Cymru for all in the truest sense.