Tories are meeting in Llandudno today. Let’s examine their abysmal record in Wales over the past 14 years.

1. Denying £4bn of rail funds: Designating HS2 an England and Wales project has denied Wales around £4bn in consequential funding, denying us much needed funding for projects such as the electrification of railway lines in Wales.

2. More children in poverty: 14 years of UK Government austerity cuts and reforms to tax and welfare policies mean that 29% of Welsh children are now living in poverty.

3. Mortgages through the roof:  Liz Truss' disastrous mini-budget led to interest rates going through the roof, reaching their highest level since the 2008 global financial crash. Welsh households are paying more thanks to the Tories' chaos.

4. Less money due to Tory Brexit: Wales is missing out on £243m in rural funding due to the Tories’ Brexit. Together with the £772m shortfall in EU structural funds, Wales is missing out on more than £1bn. Brexit is also projected to reduce the value of Welsh exports by approximately £1.1bn.

5. Scrapping Swansea’s tidal lagoon and electric rail: The Tories have dashed hopes of much needed investment in Swansea by scrapping the £1.3bn tidal lagoon and electrification between Cardiff and Swansea.

6. Overseeing the death of Welsh Steel: In the aftermath of devastating job losses in Port Talbot, the Tories have stood by while Welsh assets are stripped, leaving the people of Wales to bear the costs.

7. A broken justice system: The Tories’ refusal to devolve justice has led to worse outcomes across the criminal justice system, leading to confusion in justice and policing in Wales.

8. Silencing Welsh democracy: The Internal Markets Act severely damaged the powers of the Senedd, which could force Wales to accept produce that follows lower standards elsewhere in the UK.

9. Unfair funding for Wales: The Tories’ refusal to reform the Barnett Formula – which would ensure that funding is based on need and give the Welsh Government vital borrowing powers – has left Wales exposed to the cost-of-living crisis.

10. Funnelling Welsh profits to London: Wales has yet to reap the benefits of its own natural resources, due to the Tories’ refusal to devolve powers over the Crown Estate – valued at over £600m in 2021.