“Wales on cusp of something historic” - Rhys ab Owen MS 

A stronger Senedd is an “absolute must”, Plaid Cymru has said ahead on a crucial vote on Senedd reform later today (Wednesday 8 June).

The Senedd is set to vote on the recommendations by the cross-party Senedd Special Purpose Committee who have backed expanding the Senedd to 96 members via a proportional voting system with integrated gender quotas – all by 2026.

If passed, it means the Welsh Government will begin work on a Senedd Reform Bill – making Senedd reform by 2026 highly likely.

Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for the constitution, Rhys ab Owen MS said that today’s vote was an “opportunity” to deliver a parliament that would work for Wales and to “boost” Welsh democracy – making it “more powerful, fairer and more representative”.

Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for the constitution, Rhys ab Owen MS said,

“Plaid Cymru has long championed empowering our national parliament and for years we’ve argued that the Senedd is currently too small to fulfil its role of holding the government of the day to account.

“Today’s vote is an opportunity to deliver a parliament that will work for Wales.

“The role and responsibilities of the Senedd have changed considerably since it was first established in 1999, and we must ensure that it is appropriately sized to be able to carry out its scrutiny functions.

“A stronger Senedd will have a greater ability to make a difference to the lives of people across our nation. It will also boost our democracy - making it more powerful, fairer, and more representative and reflective of all the voices and aspirations of Welsh society.

“Just like the Wales football team, we’ve seen a growing confidence in Wales over the past couple of years. A confidence in our national parliament – in our capability to do things differently. So, it’s not about more politicians. It’s about super-powering our parliament – making it fit to represent our people. A stronger Senedd isn’t a nice to have. It’s an absolute must.

“I hope we take that step today, just like the team took a step on Sunday, towards that game-changer moment.

“And, while Plaid Cymru will continue to make the case for Wales to become an independent nation, building a stronger, more representative Senedd fit to serve the people of Wales is something we can all surely agree on.”