Sahar Al-Faifi

Candidate for South Wales Central (no. 4)

Sahar Al-Faifi - South Wales Central

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Tell us about yourself

I came to Wales sixteen years ago as a political refugee with my father who is a socialist trade unionist, fleeing the persecution of the Saudi Arabian regime. I made Wales my home and added Welsh to my multiple identities. I learnt English and did a degree and masters in Genetics. I worked in the NHS as a Molecular Geneticist for few years. However, the fire for human rights and social justice was still in me. I changed my career and became a social justice community organiser and now I am running for the Senedd.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

Women of my background aren’t supposed to run for public office but it’s time to fight for better representation for all. The Senedd must work on applying the recommendations of the Senedd electoral reform report titled: electing a more diverse Senedd. This will ensure that Welsh politics, represent all people and their needs, including BME women.

What will you do for South Wales Central if elected?

Increase funding for mental health and introduce a social care rescue plan which will help people to live independently and increase the role of community hospitals, create an incentive scheme for students who remain or return to live in Wales after and increase the availability of Welsh language education and push for the devolution of the Welsh Criminal Justice System including increased legal aid for people on low income and families in poverty.