Rhiannon Barrar

Candidate for Swansea East

Rhiannon Barrar - Swansea East

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Tell us about yourself

I am a wife and a mother of two daughters. I grew up in Nelson, in the Taf Bargoed Valley.

I am now retired after a long career in education which took me across Europe including Portugal where I founded a school for the workers in the Neves- Corvo Copper mine.

‘Hiraeth’ brought me back to Wales in 2007 where I settled with my family in Swansea and worked for the Local Authority and became Deputy Manager of the first Welsh medium Flying Start provision in Swansea.

I am active in local politics and a member of my local community council. I’m also the founding member and present chair of Friends of Singleton Park. I enjoy singing and walking – with my husband. My aim is to walk the whole of the Welsh Coastal Path.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

Fair distribution of health and wellbeing at the heart of all government policy.

This is what a Plaid Cymru government will do: create wealth to pay for public services, share prosperity, address injustice and tackle climate change.

With the powers we already have, we can implement the Buy Local scheme which has transformed areas like Preston. The dysfunctional Conservative Westminster Government is actively seeking to take these powers away from us. Our success is based on fighting to keep these powers and to demand more. By returning a Plaid Cymru Government, we can prepare the way for a referendum on self-determination. If we achieve this, we can do so much more to improve the lot of all those who make Wales their home.

What will you do for Swansea East if elected?

I will bring a new dynamism to the role of representing the people of Swansea East. This area once the crucible of industry, innovation and culture, can be again. A Regeneration Champion is needed, to coordinate a wide- ranging public consultation on the way forward for Swansea East. This public consultation must include children and young people. My career has always been about helping young people to achieve their potential. Young people and young voices are vital to our political and economic future. The wealth created will be reinvested in Wales for the benefit of the people of Wales.