If you want to change Wales, now’s the time to act says Dr Dai Lloyd

The next step on the journey to winning a new government for a new Wales will soon be taken as Plaid Cymru selects its regional candidates for the 2021 Senedd election.

I know that many of you reading this will be desperate to see the first pro-independence government elected next May but won’t yet have joined the Plaid Cymru family as members.

There is of course no time like the present. To be eligible to vote in Plaid Cymru’s regional selections, you must become a member by 16 August. If you long for a new Wales, then we long for your voice.

Your ideas, your vision, and your views matter.

The future belongs to you, so take ownership of it now and have your say as we select our Regional Members of the Senedd.

From north to south, east to west, the talent on display from our regional candidates is incredible. To choose between them is a tremendous privilege. We rely on the collective wisdom of our members as we make these selections and that collective wisdom is strengthened each time another person joins our ranks.

Believe me when I say that these regional selections will only be enriched by your taking part in them.

More than most, I know how important this process is. I was first elected on the South Wales West list in 1999. I lost my seat in 2011, regained it in 2016, and am now stepping away from the list to focus all my energy on winning Swansea West for Plaid Cymru for the first time.

The regional lists have been given us some of the giants of our movement. Phil Williams, Leanne Wood, and Steffan Lewis are of course among the legends of the lists. They changed history because people like you believed in them, became members, and voted for them. There is no telling yet which of this year’s candidates could end up leaving such a mark on Welsh history, but one thing’s clear: it’ll be up to you to decide who gets the chance.

I want you to be involved for your own sake, because a diversity of voices in our decision making benefits everyone, because all who support our cause should have a say in its future.

But I’m not just asking you to join for your own benefit. Let me be absolutely clear: If we want to see Adam Price become Wales’ next First Minister, then we must all take responsibility for making it happen.

Our victory will be won by every one of us. Your voice matters, and your participation shatters the tired, old regime and births a new government for a new Wales.

Now’s the time to act. Wait no longer. Join Plaid Cymru today.

To vote in Plaid Cymru’s Regional Selection, individuals must join Plaid Cymru by the end of 16 August 2020. To join, go to: https://www.partyof.wales/join_by_card