Labour and Tories criticised for ‘digging their heads in the sand’ on Brexit impact

Plaid Cymru has expressed serious concerns over the potential impact of the planned application of full Brexit border checks, scheduled to be applied in the Autumn. The party warns these checks could “exacerbate food inflation at a time of economic hardship”.


Since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, households have collectively borne a significant cost of £7 billion in extra food expenses, equivalent to £250 per household. In light of these escalating costs, Plaid Cymru is advocating for a delay in the implementation of further checks to protect households from further hardship.


Hywel Williams MP, the party’s International Trade spokesperson, said that the UK Government should be “pragmatic” in order to “protect people’s finances for further damage.”


In addition to calling for the postponement of the border checks, Plaid Cymru has also urged the UK government to immediately enhance border and customs processes at vital ports such as Holyhead and Fishguard. The party recommends adopting a single window system for trade data entry and digitising import and export processes, in line with the proposals put forth by the UK Trade and Business Commission. These measures are aimed at streamlining trade, reducing administrative complexities, and bolstering the efficiency of cross-border movements.


Looking to the future, Plaid Cymru is advocating for the UK to re-join the single market and the customs union. They say that both the Tories and Labour need to “stop digging their heads in the sand” and recognise the harm Brexit is causing the economy.


Hywel Williams MP said:

“As we approach the Autumn deadline for full Brexit border checks, the UK Government must be pragmatic and consider the impact they are set to have on households and businesses.


“We cannot ignore the potential impact of these checks, which could exacerbate food inflation at a time of economic hardship. It is crucial that we take necessary steps to shield people’s finances from additional damage and ensure a better economic future for Wales and the UK.


“The Tories and Labour are yet again failing to show leadership on the cost of living due to a fear of mentioning Brexit. They must stop digging their heads in the sand and recognise the impact these trade barriers are having on food prices and business costs.”