Does the idea of voting in council elections fill you with excitement? No? You’re not alone – don’t worry!


But voting in the upcoming council elections has never been more important and will be essential in making sure that life is fairer in your community.


Here’s five specific reasons to register and vote:


1. Councils control just about everything.

From street maintenance, rubbish collection, community facilities and social care to housing, homeless services, schools, transport, local parks and libraries. Our local councils have a hand in many of the services we use on a daily basis. Councillors that you elect have a say in how these services are run and what your area looks like.


2. You pay Council tax each month – have a say in how it’s spent

Community and County Councils have a large amount of money to spend, they also decide how much council tax you pay. Electing someone who represents you makes your voice heard when the money is spent.


3. We need more diversity in our councils

In 2017, around 70% of candidates were male, 50% were over 60years old and 98.2% were white.

This is not representative of the population of Wales as a whole, so standing and electing diverse candidates helps represent all in our society.


4. Turnout is usually low – you can change this!

With such a low turnout, people could get elected without a large mandate. The more people vote, the more representative our councils will be.


5. Vote in a Council election and you’re more likely to vote in other elections

It’s so important to take part in our democratic processes on every level. Voting in a local election increases our knowledge of which politician has a say in what, it increases participation in all elections and increases accountability for our elected members.


Have we convinced you?

If so - get involved, register to vote here by the end of the 14th of April and use your vote on the 5th of May!