Carrie Harper

Candidate for Wrexham constituency and North Wales region (no. 2)

Carrie Harper - WrexhamCarrie Harper - North Wales (2)

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Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Caia Park in Wrecsam, the biggest council estate in north Wales. I still live on the estate with my partner and our two children and have represented the Queensway ward for Plaid Cymru since 2008.

Growing up in an area that has some of the highest levels of child poverty in Wales, I understand inequality better than most and am passionate about lifting my community up. I'm an experienced campaigner on issues such as planning, health and climate change, my focus is building a better Wales and championing the message that this will only be possible through a Plaid Cymru Government and ultimately through Independence.

I'm also passionate about the Welsh language, I'm a learner myself and my partner and two children are fluent Welsh speakers. I've campaigned for new Welsh medium schools locally and was one of the founding members of the Saith Seren cultural centre, which supports both Welsh speakers and learners, as well as promoting Welsh culture.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

We’re facing an uncertain future, because of Covid, because of climate change, because of Brexit. It’s clear our communities don't want to return to an old system that has failed them for generations, they want bold new solutions to face these difficult challenges.

I want to take Plaid's message to the communities Labour forgot, the time for half measures is over, we can have radical change in Wales but we need to elect radically different politics to deliver it. 2021 is our opportunity to do just that.

What will you do for Wrexham / North Wales if elected?

We need to acknowledge that the world is changing and ensure that Wales is leading the way in terms of transitioning and preparing our economy for the jobs of the future.

There is no doubt that the opportunities ahead are in the green and digital economies and preparing the infrastructure needed to usher in this third industrial revolution. We must ensure, particularly post Covid, that all the powers and levers we need to build a better Wales are at our disposal.

I know my constituency well having represented the area since 2008 at a county level. I understand the ambitions we all have locally. I also understand the frustrations too. It's going to be a tough few years given the impact of the Covid pandemic and Brexit and there will be both opportunities and challenges facing us.

I will always articulate a vision in terms of our potential.

I'm a problem solver, I want to get us from A to B and move forward, not simply manage the status quo. I'll always be honest with people, I'll be approachable and open. Above all, I'll put all the energy I have into building a better quality of life for our communities.