Aaron Wynne

Candidate for Aberconwy

Aaron Wynne - Aberconwy


Tell us about yourself

I’m Aaron Wynne, I’m 24 and I’m the local Councillor for Llanrwst. I was elected to Conwy County Council in 2017 at 20 years old. I was born and raised in Llanrwst where I continue to live today. After leaving the 6th from I worked as a web-designer in Conwy specialising in bilingual web-design, before moving onto local politics.          

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

We need to tackle the housing emergency. There are over 1000 families on the housing waiting list in Conwy county alone, with many more locals in real need of a house. We need to build more social and affordable homes so that young people can continue living and working locally. As a young person I know how difficult that is - most of my friends have already moved away in search of employment and somewhere to live.

What will you do for Aberconwy if elected?

If elected to the Senedd I would work to alleviate the local second homes crisis, which pushes house prices up for locals. I would push for a change in planning law to give Councils the power to impose a cap on the number of second homes. I also want to close the tax loophole which allows second homeowners to register their property as a “business” in order to avoid paying Council Tax. Everyone needs a home to live in. This should be a priority for the next Welsh Government.